The number of defective units in a production run of 850 circuit boards are normally distributed with 21 defective units and 3 defective units. Find the probability P(17 < X < 25) with the help of the graphing calculator. Round your answer to the nearest integer.77%81%80%82%

Accepted Solution

Answer:82%Step-by-step explanation:We let the random variable X denote the number of defective units in the production run. Therefore, X is normally distributed with a mean of 21 defective units and a standard deviation of 3 defective units.We are required to find the probability, P(17 < X < 25), that the number of defective units in the production run is between 17 and 25.This can be carried out easily in stat-crunch;In stat crunch, click Stat then Calculators and select NormalIn the pop-up window that appears click BetweenInput the value of the mean as 21 and that of the standard deviation as 3Then input the values 17 and 25 click computeStat-Crunch returns a probability of approximately 82%Find the attachment below.